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Sort MP3 Music - easily? Then you need automatic MP3 music sorter. With such powerful MP3
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Sort MP3 Music
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18 November 2008

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How to sort MP3 music files? Want to Sort MP3 Music - easily? Then you need automatic MP3 music sorter. With such powerful MP3 sorter, music sorter, MP3 music sorter as Sort MP3 Music all your MP3 music files will be sorted automatically. MP3 sort, music sort, MP3 file sort - all is done with automatic MP3 sorting, music sorting and MP3 music sorting software. How to sort MP3 music files? Just download and run MP3 music sorter. More info and free download at
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User comments

Install and setup is pretty painless. Configuration options for setting up the file format in the destination folder could be a little more refined, but the program guides you toward scripting your own file format, assuming the defaults given don`t fit your needs.

At the end of the initial configuration wizard you are greeted by the annoyance popup begging you to register (and pay the $40 fee) before you can run the software for the first time. Tacky! After 99 songs are processed you get another popup stating that you have to wait 20 seconds while reading about how you should register. After each additional 99 songs, you get to wait an additional 10 seconds. Personally, I think the price is a little high for a piece of software I`m only likely going to use one time.

The tool itself is not bad. Your music needs to have ID3 tags in order to be sorted, so let`s assume all of your music already has the song info inside. It does pull music out of subfolders, in case you`ve already got some organization in place. If any of your music includes featured artists with the original artist within the ID3 tag, you will have extra folders to fish through. Beyond that, it simply does what it says, and does it fairly well. Paired with your favorite iTunes, Zune, WMP, MusicBrainz, etc software, you can use this to sort any music once you`ve got it tagged. Unfortunately, it still needs to be paired with some sort of tool to connect to a database to update your ID3 tags, (unless your collection is small enough that you`re not going to spend the next ten years updating the song information manually, but then why do you need a tool to automatically sort into folders?).

This tool does not offer any means of sorting if you don`t already have ID3 tags (although there is an option to DELETE these files. Yipes!). There is no preview option to let you determine unknown artist information. And there is no connecting to any database of artists to update any info. The lack of these features limit what you can really do with this tool.

Overall, this is a good free download if you can get over having to wait increasing amounts of time between file sorts. The price of registration might seem a little high for what you`re getting.
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